The Monuments Men

TH and I went to see The Monuments Men this evening, and enjoyed it. It’s an amazing story how a group of men (mostly Americans) were charged with finding and returning large quantities of art work stolen by Nazis that belonged to private collectors and museums. It’s a great story and well executed by Mr. Clooney. I’m very impressed and pleased that Mr. Clooney took on this subject.

In addition to enjoying the movie, TH and I were reminded of our desire to travel to Belgium and Germany. We were previously inspired to travel to Bruges ever since we saw the movie, In Bruges, which featured the city’s canals and medieval architecture. Bruges is also home to the Madonna of Bruges, a sculpture by Michelangelo.


As claimed in The Monuments Men, it is the only sculpture by Michelangelo that is not in Italy. It was stolen by the Nazis. One of The Monuments Men who was already at the church attempted to stop the Nazis but was killed. Fortunately, the Madonna of Bruges was recovered and returned. The sculpture is a must see while in Bruges especially knowing that it was once stolen and could have been destroyed.


Ghent is another Belgium city we would visit, and after having watched The Monuments Men, we would go see the Ghent Altarpiece. These are a set of 12 painted panels depicting figures and scenes as described in the Bible. TH and I are not religious people but admire great artwork. Religion was a popular subject in the arts because they were commissioned by religious institutions to decorate their buildings or by private patrons who donated to the church.


And then we saw an impressive white castle located in Bavaria, Germany where the Monuments Men in the movie came upon Rodin’s The Burghers of Calais. The castle itself looked amazing like something from a fairytale.  I later learned that it is called Neuschwanstein Castle, and was commissioned by a king named Ludwing II of Bavaria.


In any case, we both thoroughly enjoyed The Monuments Men. It is an incredible story, and I highly recommend it especially if you appreciate art.




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