Fitting for a pair of glasses

I’ve never been fitted for anything before until I was in the market for a new pair of frames. It was quite an interesting and enjoyable experience. Out of curiosity and with no obligation to buy I decided to entertain the idea of having the eyewear fitter fit me for a pair of frames. He asked me a few questions that informed him what I liked and what I was looking for in a pair of glasses. He also examined my face before he presented me with a selection of frames he thought I would like and would also compliment my face and eyes. The frames were stylish, fun, and striking. Some were available in colors I would not have considered and I was pleasantly surprised by how well the color complimented my face.

I took my time revisiting each frame, and narrowed it down to three favorites. Each frame was different in design, size, and statement. My decision wasn’t easy and I would have been happy with any one of them but I could only walk away with one. I made my decision and only look back fondly of my experience of having selected what I am currently wearing.

This experience may not be for everyone though I definitely recommend it. It’s best to go with an open mind.

If you are looking for a new pair of glasses and are in NYC, then I recommend you make a visit to Anne et Valentin. They are a French company featuring exciting and beautifully crafted eyewear by European designers. They’re located in the Soho/NoLita neighborhood – one of my favorite neighborhoods. Gabriel was the gentleman who fitted me with my glasses. He was friendly, patient, and thoughtful in his recommendations. He was not at all pushy with any particular frame.

If you enjoy a tailored shopping experience, I highly recommend Anne et Valentin.


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