As I have stated previously, I don’t care much for sports however I have enjoyed movies that has baseball and football as the main theme like Major League (a classic movie about baseball) and let us not forget about Field of Dreams. I’ve also enjoyed The Replacements. I recently watched 42, a movie about Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player to play for the major leagues. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was a talented baseball player and was introduced into the major leagues during a time when segregation was common in most public spaces and businesses. At first, many of his teammates were not accepting of him but as they witnessed how he was mocked by the opposing team, they sympathized with Mr. Robinson and eventually accepted him as a fellow baseball player who was interested in the game and winning. There were many hate filled moments that upset me, of course, which were followed by events and situations that triumphed over the haters.

I remember having heard about the movie when it was released last year and maybe saw one poster advertising it. I don’t recall having saw any tv ads for it. It was a movie that I would have liked to see in the theaters but seeing as it wasn’t promoted frequently, it fell into the wayside. I’m glad I was able to catch it on one of the premium cable movie channels.


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