Excitement and anticipation is in the air. Another snow storm is supposed to hit the tri-state region. The forecast predicts three to twelves inches of snow – depending on where you are. It is supposed to start snowing around midnight tonight through tomorrow until 6am Friday. I am loving the idea of it snowing through the night into morning and through the night again. I’m a little surprised that it would only accumulate at most 12″ inches of snow. I think we may see 16″ or 18″ of snow. How incredible would that be?

I’m looking forward to waking up tomorrow to fresh snow blanketing everything. It’s going to be pretty. There’s something almost magical when it snow. Or maybe mystical is a better word? Time seems to pause. The blanket of snow seems to silent the petulant noises of humans and animals alike.

And I’ve got new snow boots I’ve been waiting to bust out. Tomorrow looks like it may be the perfect weather condition to wear them in.

Let it snow!

photo by John Siebert


3 responses to “Expectations

  1. Supposed to have an interview tomorrow… unless the interviewer cancels it because of the weather. Gonna bundle up just in case it’s still on.

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