Three day weekend

Not everyone has weekends off from work. Three day weekends are rare occurrences even for those working in the private sector because they don’t have off on all national holidays like Martin Luther King’s birthday. Post offices and I believe banks are closed. Public transportations also run on a weekend schedule on MLK day.

When 3-day weekends do occur they are sweet! Like this 3-day weekend with President’s Day. And I think 3-day weekends that fall on a Monday are the sweetest because Mondays are the start of the work week – at least, for most people. Typically I would dread Mondays and the dreading starts Sunday night around 9pm. And now that I am extremely busy at work, any time not dedicated to work is time I wish I had more of to sleep and do the things I’d like to do without feeling exhausted.

I could have easily slept all day but I didn’t. I did sleep in and boy did I sleep in. It felt great to sleep through the morning especially when I stayed up to watch a movie via a popular website that streams movies. Other than doing a bit of laundry, I lounged around and even took an afternoon nap. Woke up and did a couple things on social media sites. I could have been more productive but it felt good to just take it easy because tomorrow I return to work.

Well, it’s evening now with the three day weekend coming to an end. I don’t necessarily dread it tomorrow because as I mentioned earlier, I am extremely busy and while I enjoyed the day off, I’m looking forward to taking on the rest of the work week.


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