America is beautiful because…

When I first heard “America the Beautiful” sung in foreign languages, the first thing I thought to myself was, this is going to upset some conservative Americans (especially the white folks). And I was correct.

I admit it sounded strange at first but then I thought it was wonderful to hear “America the Beautiful” sung beautifully in all those languages. It baffles me that there are Americans who are so arrogant to think that “America the Beautiful” can only be sung in English. The hateful comments against the ad also speaks how some of these Americans fail to appreciate the fact that those who come from other countries to make a new life are the real Americans. They are the ones who work hard, study hard. They are the ones who instill in their children the family and social values. These same Americans fail to remember that their ancestors came to this country looking for opportunities, which helped to shape the country that it has become. America will continue to be shaped based on the people that have been here for many generations as well as those who choose to make a life for themselves here.

America is beautiful because of its diversity – the landscapes and especially the people, and the cultures they bring from their homeland and adopt into America. No one group dominates America, contrary to what some white folks think. Many nationalities who have come to this country, whether it was against their will or seeking opportunities, contributed to its development and greatness.


2 responses to “America is beautiful because…

  1. I caught this ad on Youtube after I heard about all the controversy. What a great story it has though. Whats wrong with the conservatives? All these people all over the world sometimes living in appalling conditions are singing about how beautiful your country is and yet you get angry at them because they dont speak your language? Take it as a compliment! They are willing to do a great many things to come and start a new life in your country and add to your economy.
    Well done Jeannie on focussing on this ad.

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