Crispy artichokes

I saw crispy artichokes on the menu and thought it looked tasty. I wondered what a dish of fried artichokes would be. I imagined a stuffed artichoke and fried whole. Or possibly cut into quarters and then fried. I was curious and ordered them. It sounded appetizing. When they finally came out, I could tell they were going to be very disappointed.

I picked up one of the pieces. It didn’t feel crisp like it ought to feel when a menu describes something as crispy. When I took a bite, there was no crunch. And what’s worse is that they used marinated artichokes instead of fresh artichokes, or cooked artichokes from scratch. These are the kind of artichokes you find canned or jarred or at the olive bar. It was not an enjoyable experience to eat these things hot. I didn’t want to be completely wasteful so I peeled off the “crispy” shell and ate the marinated artichokes.

When you google crispy artichokes, you will find a myriad of photos of very appetizing artichokes and recipes using fresh artichokes; not artichokes from a can or jar.

These crispy artichokes are served at a supposed French bistro style restaurant called Jacques 1534. We had other items too (French onion soup and a niçiose salad), and they were also mediocre. The food did not seem authentic but were over priced cheap knock offs. Don’t waste your time or money at this place. But of you do go, you were warned.


the photo is from wiki commons


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