Gays not welcomed


It infuriates me that there are some private businesses who are trying to “legally” discriminate against gays by hiding behind their claim of freedom to practice their religion. These bigoted christians fail to understand that nobody is stopping them from practicing their faith. They also fail to understand that doing business with gays isn’t a sin, and it doesn’t keep them from being a “good” christian. But if they want to go with that argument then why not discriminate from doing business with other people who go against their religious values like everybody else who is guilty of at least one of the deadly sins.

I’ve always struggled to understand christians as a group of people who practice a set of beliefs prescribed to them by people who were culturally different and lived centuries ago. Not only that but they believe the stories in the bible as fact and history. For instance, Noah’s ark. That story never made any sense to me. If this flood truly happened why is it just recorded in the bible? Why isn’t it in all historical archives across all nations?

Personally, I think that bigoted christians in general do not like the idea of gays being open about who they are and who they love. Twenty-five years ago (I’m writing from my age perspective) most gays were in the closet or shared their sexual orientation limited to close family and friends. Some of these christian folks were content that gays were for the most part out of sight. Now gays are proud, out, and everywhere.

So back to the bigoted christians who didn’t and don’t want gays to patronize their businesses. It’s their loss. Once they stop doing business with gays then gay supporters will stop doing business with them. Then gays and gay supporters will open up gay friendly businesses and reap the revenue that bigoted christian businesses did not want to accept all because they don’t like gays.


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