Travel plans 2014

The last international trip I made was to Vancouver, British Columbia but that didn’t require crossing international waters. I did need a passport though. I suppose the last international trip that I made and required crossing an ocean was to Scotland. Both were solo trips though I had friends at each destination who I saw. I haven’t yearned to travel to Europe for a couple of years and it was fine. The USD continues to struggle to regain its value.

This year I’m hoping to get to Italy. Sorry, I can’t share details about this trip at the moment. Then there is a trip to Colorado in the Fall, which may end up being our “big” trip. TH is scheduled to teach at a school in Aspen, and I may take the opportunity to visit my friends who are in Denver towards the end of TH’s teaching gig, and then meet up with him to visit the Four Corners and surrounding national parks. I’m looking forward to seeing some great American landscapes.

I think traveling to the Four Corners may end up being our big trip of 2014. Big in the sense that we will most likely be on the road getting to the various points of interests within the four states. This may require more days because of the travel time to get to one destination to the next. It may even end up being one of those trips where we need a vacation from the trip. Though we have some time to figure out our itinerary, it is something I will need to do soon.

image by Braindrain0000 from Wikimedia Commons

photo of Monument Valley by Caaz from Wikimedia Commons

photo of Bryce Canyon by Caaz from Wikimedia Commons.

And perhaps we will return to Maine sometime this year as well. We always enjoy our visits to the Pine Tree State. I’d like to get there during Spring; it’s the one season we haven’t experienced in Maine. And because I’ve enjoyed going to Maine, I was okay with not traveling abroad. Usually, I would not advocate traveling/vacationing within the United States but I’ve been introduced to a place that TH and I want to go back to every now and again. It’s not too far. It’s not too expensive to get to. And so far, we always have a great time.


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