End of the month

This month went by relatively fast and I’m not just saying that because it is the shortest month of the year. Though it might seem long for others being that it has been a cold winter and we got a decent amount of snow. I think most people are ready for spring. I admit that I’m looking forward to warmer temperatures too though for different reasons. I don’t mind the cold winters. It’s winter. It’s supposed to be cold, and it’s supposed to snow.

photo by martinak15

photo by martinak15

Today also marks the end of February’s NaBloPoMo. It was an interesting experience to publish a post each day. I’m pleased I had as much to write about for a month. NaBloPoMo allowed me to exercise some creativity with my writing. The time I had for writing was limited, which forced me to focus on the important things I wanted to express.

I’m also pleased that I was able to accomplish 28 posts though not without flexing the basic rule of a post each day. If I was being monitored, I’d have failed after week one but I pushed on and published my daily posts a day or two late. I’d eventually catch up. And here I am. Caught up and done.



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