Winter in Austria


Christmas market in Klagenfurt along Wörthersee


TH and I are currently set for a winter trip to Austria. We will visit our friends in Klagnefurt and meet their daughter. We are looking forward to the trip, be with friends, and enraptured by the famous Christmas markets.

Christmas is my favorite holiday – not for any religious reasons (I’m an atheist) but I do enjoy the winter festivities, the lights, and snow. And I’m looking forward to the sights, smells and sounds of merriment in the outdoor markets mingling with Austruans. Hopefully during that time when we visit, there will be snow on the ground and falling ever so lightly but apparent. The thought of experiencing the Christmas markets in Austria makes me so happy. I should try not to over expect in case I should be disappointed. But how could I be disappointed when there are images such as these to spark my imagination!?

The following photos are from Wiener Adventzauber            

Besides going to the Christmas Markets in Vienna, we will be visiting my wonderful friends in Klagenfurt and enjoying winter in the countryside. We will keep our itinerary loose though we did give them ideas of what we would like to do – light winter sports activities but not skiing, a couple of museums, and health spa – something we can enjoy together.

I am looking forward to this trip. I know we were in Italy last year but it seems like forever since I’ve been back to Europe. It will be my first trip to Europe during the winter. It’s exciting and I’m hoping there will be snow but without delaying our flight.



2 responses to “Winter in Austria

  1. Sounds nice. Enjoy for me too (haven’t been back since my departure almost 2 years ago).

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