she got engaged…

As some of you may be aware from reading the blog, TH usually travels with me. He’s my travel companion but most importantly, he is my companion in life. We’ve been together for a very, very long time.  We also did not live together during our courtship. At the end of August 2015, TH presented me with a beautiful ring.

We actually picked it out together. We went to a friend of a friend in Jeweler’s Row in Philadelphia. We were given a crash course on diamonds and their classifications, which helped us understand and appreciate the diamond TH eventually selected. It’s not a full karat but it’s got fire! 

The stone is set in a platinum ring with two tapered diamond baguettes, which we did not select. It’s has a kind of Art Deco asethetic to it, which was my preference.

TH eventually proposed. We were in his apartment returning from grocery shopping. I was sitting at the edge of the bed. He actually got down on one knee, opened a box to reveal the ring and asked, “Will you marry me?”

“Yes,” was my answer. 

 Soon after, I notified friends and family of the engagement. And followed up with a quick and simple “save the date” created on my iphone. 


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