Blue Brie

wrapped lunch

For some reason, I had tagged a photo of a sandwich “want” on one of my favorite apps, Foodspotting. It was a Blue Brie Pear sandwich with prosciutto at a placed called Finch’s Tea and Coffee House.

It wasn’t until I ordered the same sandwich that I realized that blue brie is a cheese that is half blue cheese and half brie, or rather, a Brie with blue veins. I didn’t know such a thing existed and it was a wonderful discovery because I love brie and French blue cheeses.


The sandwich itself was amazing! It is made to order and stuffed with the ingredient as listed; blue brie, pear, and prosciutto. It’s supposed to also have walnuts but I asked to be made without it. I’m not a fan of walnuts. Dressed with sweet balsamic vinegar and fresh cracked black pepper. The baguette that they used is easy to bite into.



Finch’s is spacious with high ceilings and an antique rustic decor. Seating is limited. It is very popular with locals and probably attracts visitors like myself by word of mouth. They also seem to sell their own blends of teas that looked interesting. It was too warm for tea when I stopped in for lunch though I hope to try their teas with the blue brie pear sandwich next time I am in Vancouver.



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