Gasthaus UBL

Gasthaus UBL

I am having dinner in a local Viennese restaurant called UBL. It was recommended or suggested by the ticket person at the Architekturzentrum Wien. He explained that this place served classic Viennese dishes and it is not touristy.

It took me a bit of time to find the restaurant in the rain and the day turning into night.

I have to note that even though I have the latest Eyewitness Travel guidebook, it is not current with it’s map. There was a bit confusion with the street names or lack there of when trying to find my way to UBL.

The ticket person at AzW was right when he said it is not touristy. All the customers spoke german with the exception of one couple who were French and I heard one of the waitress speak English with them.

The menu is simple; divided in three sections. Starters, main course, and dessert. They have a main menu and a specials menu. From what I could understand, they offered various kinds of schnitzels. I have already tried the famous Wiener Schnitzel.

One of the waitress was kind enough to help me with the menu. She explained to me what was offered. On the specials list there was a celery soup, and some kind of bacon.

Pork Terrine

I ordered the pork liver terrine and asked the waitress for a recommendation for the main course. She recommended some kind of cooked meat (I think beef) with saukeraut and a dumpling. She says that she likes it so I went with that.

The terrine was great! Very smooth. It was sprinkled with black pepper and there sides of strawberry preserve and a jelly that tasted like honey. It was served with two pieces of thick sliced soft bread.

The main course as served shorty after they took the empty plate away. It was hot and steamy. It looked great! The dish was comprised of sliced meat on top of some saukeraut and on the side was child’s fist size dumpling, which they call nodel. The meat was tender and moist. The saukeraut was delicious and unlike the ones served hotdogs back home in the streets of New York City. I pretty much ate eveything up with the exception of the dumpling. Carbs fill me up.

Meat, kraut, and nodel

I am contemplating if I want to stay for dessert.

In Austria smoking is permitted in restaurants and bars.

Unfortunately, I did not realize UBL offers a non smoking section for dining until it was too late.

I think I will pass on the dessert. The smoke is killing me.

Gasthaus UBL
Preßgasse 26
1040 Wien 4.,
T: 01 5876437


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