Exploring Queens

Though I reside somewhere in the borough of Queens for most of my life, I don’t know it very well. It’s not that easy to get around even though we have public transportation so I tend not to go exploring this great borough. Did you know that Queens is the borough with the most diverse nationalities? We also have lots of museums, cultural institutions and parks.

This past weekend, TH and I went to the Queens County Farm Museum and The Noguchi Museum. I didn’t realize there are still working farms in NYC. I learned about the Queens County Farm while shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket. Since then, I’ve always kept it in the back of my mind to go visit.
Neither TH and I own a car so we rented one to go check out the farm and since we had a car for the day, we also included going to the Noguchi Museum to our itinerary.

The QCFM is a nice local destination for families and kids. They have a calendar of events that include pumpkin picking, children’s carnival, corn maze, and one of those Blue Ribbon farm contests!

There is an original house with a guided tour. It was interesting to learn how folks lived back then and how the property changed hands and evolved to what it is today.

As with most farms, there is a field where various but common vegetables are grown, which they harvest and sell to the public. There’s also a farm stand selling daily produce on the premises. There is livestock and a petting zoo. Most of the animals were found at the petting zoo when we were there and not in the pens around the property. There are lots of chickens and as with the vegetables they grow, they sell farm fresh eggs too. These are limited and you have to obtain a ticket to get these eggs. When we were looking around the gift shop there were already a few people clamoring in line about these eggs. Intrigued, we too stood in line to get a ticket for some farm fresh eggs too. We also picked up some farm fresh vegetables.

It’s free admission unless there is an event like the ones I mentioned above. There is separate entrance fee for the petting zoo and pony ride.

Afterwards, we headed to the Noguchi Museum, a museum created and curated by the artist himself featuring works by him too. TH hasn’t been back in many years. It was my first time there and I was really impressed with the collection.  


The Noguchi Museum is located in Long Island City, near Socrates Park. The garden was under renovation and so the sculptures in there were under wraps while under renovation. I hope to return when renovations are completed.


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